The Whole Woman

The Whole Woman is she who embodies all of these aspects of the feminine and she who is aligned with Source.

She has been through many initiations for each one of the directions. She embodies the Mother, the Warrior, the Lover and the Shaman.

She is informed deeply by the Mother energy, her wisdom and strength, her life and her death cycles of change.

The courage, strength and willingness of the Warrior come through her so that she can face what has to be faced in this life.
She has the passion and the aliveness of the Lover and the longing for truth and union with source.

She is open to the wisdom, intuition and the guidance that comes from the Shaman. She has access to all of the directions, and she has faced the shadow in all of the directions many times. She knows that her shadow contains the goal. She knows that the deepest creative resources are released when shadow is faced.

See if an image of the Whole Woman of you comes: she is a radiant you, a full expression of you. As her you feel the energy of heaven and earth in your being like an axis passing right through the centre of your body; Earth to heaven, and heaven to earth.

The Whole Woman knows she is the servant, she knows the divine will is her will. Her service is to be an expression of the divine feminine in her human body. She has let her heart break open many times, and she knows that this allows the immensity of Love to come in and through her. She can cry deeply and care deeply, not only for her family but for all.

She knows that to feel her needs and to ask for help from the Mother is part of her being a human woman, and she also knows that grace will appear. She is willing to be seen when she is both vulnerable and open. She also has the fierceness of the Warrior to know where her boundaries are.

She knows about giving and receiving blessings from others. She knows how to support others in becoming who they are. She knows her body is the meeting place of the human and the divine, so she takes care of it. She is humble because she does nothing; she knows both action and non-action come through her.

See if you can feel her in you.

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