The Shamana

This is the territory of ritual, healing and the transformation of magic. This is where we interact with the divine or other dimensions of being.

The Shamana is the priestess; she moves between the worlds, receives guidance and prays for herself or for others. She has learned to work with the energies of transformation for herself, and it may be that she shares this with others.

She is open to the mysteries of death and life. She loves the unknown and she knows how to meet it – not with fear but with excitement, as the meeting with the unknown is a meeting with the divine. She knows she is safe, and she has trust in her connection.
The Shamana is very intuitive. She asks for guidance and follows the guidance she gets, even if it’s crazy. Her alignment is with the divine, even if it jars with convention or with what other people think; she is willing to look crazy, she walks the edge. And she is not afraid to tell the truth, even it is opposes everyone else.

She sees beyond appearances and she is willing to be led by Source; she knows how to surrender and let things fall apart open and ready for a deeper reality to come through.

She is deeply connected and devoted to Source, however she names it – this is where she finds her sense of service. Her awareness is tuned to divine presence and she knows how to connect with that presence in a very simple woman’s ways: maybe in ritual, maybe in shrines or as altars around her house, maybe she uses some shells or a candle, or has a garden with a fountain. Perhaps she made altars as a little girl…

The Shamana is a natural instinctive part of us, and she no longer has to hide or fear this. She is willing to make a stand if questioned. She is deeply connected with the wise old woman that has always been, she knows how to connect to them and receive help.

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