The Pathway to Intimacy

Polarity as a portal to what we already are

There is an indescribable beauty
chasing us
that we constantly look in and through all our actions.
This beauty,
that we feel at times
that sometimes appears between each other, in nature or in silence.
It is this intimate encounter
from Being to Being.
It is in this meeting where all the veils fall
and the curtain opens
and there we see on stage
our script
and the one who lives it.
There we see the play,
the transforming beauty of each situation.
And it's not what I'm going through
but who is living it.

So, on this weekend together
let's fall beneath the screen of the mind
and we will enter into what we truly long for.
And allowing to see ourselves truly, from within and without
and feel ignited
and again feel the heartbeat of life.
My passion is to bring together the meeting of men, women, and the unique flavour that occurs when we feel this attraction, this polarity, of the opposite pole, which can also occur within the same gender and beyond binary genders. But this polarity engenders something in us that has a taste similar to what our inner Being is, our essence.

And because of this, we always seek to be in relationship and receive this mirror from the other.

So we are going to feel this polarity, to see it, as the activator of this encounter with ourselves and our essence.

And from there, from this encounter with ourselves, we can approach the other, we can enter into relationship with each other in the world, from a stable place of freedom and love.

I invite you to come to enjoy these days on the island of Ibiza and explore through movement, role play and the creativity that will arise between us to open the curtain and look at our great play.

by Elisabeth Serra, in Ibiza, April 9-12, 2020

Practical information:
Contribution: €390.00; €350.00 for reservations before December 31, 2019.
Meals and snacks included.
Ask for accommodation and transportation.
Contact person in Ibiza: Inés Alomar (+34 620765511)

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