The Mother

This is the territory of she who conceives life, who gives birth, nourishes and sustains life, and she who gives death. Deeply rooted and connected to the earth, her breasts are full of nourishment. Her arms are strong and can hold both you and the child in you.

The archetypal Mother in us sustains life and when it’s time for something to move on she is willing to give death: whether the thing is an old pattern, a relationship, a pet, or something else.
Notice the energy in your body as you invoke this energy. If you encounter any resistance just notice… meet it with attention; nothing to do, nothing to get rid of. The Mother in us knows that all is sacred and that there is nothing to change or discard.

She knows about waiting, she knows how to be in the void of the womb – the place between here and there. She is both the womb and the tomb.

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Feminine Archetypes


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