Shiva Shakti Caldetes

Tantric meditation dance for women

This ancient tantric dance invites us to reconnect with our deep and sacred FEMINITY and to open ourselves to the ancestral wisdom of our female body and its CYCLICAL NATURE, leading us to a slow, sensual and fluid movement.

It opens us to a deep INTIMACY with us and a deep sense of tribe. We embody LOVE as a deep and felt experience and not as an idea or concept. We open the doors to the experience of FEELINGs, sensing and intuition beyond the realm of thoughts and the separation from life’s heart beat they bring.

The dance invites us to surrender and let go of control to enter a deeper level of feminine consciousness and WISDOM, our connected POWER.

Come and discover and experience this dance in you!!!
You can come to fortnightly sessions, Mondays from 20:30 to 22:00 at La Casa de la Fusta, Caldes D'Estrac, Carretera Sant Vicenç, 16.


Elisabeth Serra

I am a practitioner and teacher of an ancient women’s tantric dance-meditation called ´Shiva Shakti´, designed to awaken and embody the different faces of the feminine, and return us to our ecstatic, essential nature.
My love for dance, music and theatre has not only inspired me throughout my personal development but has become the breathing ground of all the different aspects of my ‘work’, my offerings…
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Shiva Shakti Barcelona

Sessions every Wednesday from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Hara Yoga Studio, Via Augusta 165, Barcelona.
Session €10,00

Calendar 2018-2019

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