Shiva Shakti Barcelona

Open to WOMEN and MEN.

This ancient tantric dance opens a portal to RECONNECT again with the depth of our being felt from the body.

Shiva Shakti invites us to surrender and let go of control, experiencing the PRESENCE in the body that brings us back to our innate peace, stillness, expansion, and love. This experience of INTIMACY with the moment, inside and outside, weaves a memory of our creativity, presence and choice of attention that has a profound effect on your daily life.

Together we are going to intimate with our infinite energy, together we are going to take the CHOICE from where we put our attention, and there is our freedom resides.
When we Embody LOVE and FREEDOM as a deep and felt experience, and not as an idea or concept, our erotic creativity is unleashed, and we return without the learned effort to receive our becoming from TRUST and the sense of belonging to a whole that we learn to hear.

Come discover and experience this dance in you!


Elisabeth Serra

I am a practitioner and teacher of an ancient women’s tantric dance-meditation called ´Shiva Shakti´, designed to awaken and embody the different faces of the feminine, and return us to our ecstatic, essential nature.
My love for dance, music and theatre has not only inspired me throughout my personal development but has become the breathing ground of all the different aspects of my ‘work’, my offerings…
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