Polarity as a portal

Incarnating love and a new gaze towards man

A virtual group. That opens us to Being the love we already are, and healing our relationships with men.
It is essential to participate in this virtual group, to have done an in depth self-enquiry into the nature of your own psyche.
What we’ll cover.

Conscious discovery of our Eros, which has been conditioned via father and the information we received during the first years of our upbringing. Freeing Eros from these places where it is trapped and so too our capacity to love with our Lover.

Exploring and discovering the beliefs, strategies and re-creation of patterns and events with the men in our life, which exist and inevitably arise when it comes to relating emotionally with a man, despite our understanding as a woman.

Bringing awareness to this as the shadow that controls us and enslaves us to responding with reactions based on old, unconscious expectations.

Opening up to really knowing and feeling our offering to man as a woman, and what it is to move from here. Opening ourselves energetically and experiencing what happens when we drop into what we already are.

Looking and sensing with our body-feelings-mind at the conditioning that men carry and at what is under the behaviours that hurt us so much. How to respond to men, and how to stay free and in the body, in the face of possible evocations of our own conditioning.

How to understand the psyche of man and value men in both their contribution to and difficulties in relating to women, and how to call and invite from love instead of accusation and demand.

How to attract men from our trust and incarnate love, and how to establish dialogues that will open the heart instead of bringing them more into the mind, where they tend to dwell.

Exploring these dialogues as they range from the first contact to the evolution of a relationship, all the while staying close to our power and love without losing either our own masculine axis or our feminine wild, insightful tenderness.

How to open a man so that he can feel secure in the emotional intimacy that a woman brings. And how to share what we feel without being a burden, without guilt-tripping or drama, but instead as a portal by which we attract to us the intimacy that we crave.

We will give time to personal experiences where the struggle is felt, as we integrate the new vistas versus the old generational conditioning.

We will enquiry into learned expectation we hold towards ourselves and men. We will reveal the hidden collective learned believes about relationships.

Some of the themes around limiting unquestioned believes are:
commitment, faithfulness, honesty, endings, separations, when is truly over, freedom or merging, sexuality….

Bringing the focus to what has been and still manifesting in our lives in terms of relationships, and the power of shifting and activating the vibration of what you want to create. Becoming a good shepherd to your feelings and thoughts so that they can assist you in creating more of what you want, rather than recreating the known that you no longer want. Experiencing shifts on the spot.

We will take a look at our sexual maturity, where we are still girls and passively conditioned. Sexual imagination, fantasy, masturbation in men and women.

We will enquire and bring a practical experiential focus on sacred sexuality, integrating the animal and erotic potency with the sense of freedom, grace and heart, liberating the learned fear of the animal within and bringing it to the heart of creation and communion.

To deepen and qualify these explorations and discoveries in an experimental way. To be supported in our own experiences and dynamics through practices that lead us to touch our fears and yearnings around men, and live our relationships from a new place.

To support each other and be encouraged to take risks, as it is in the courage to step in where the learning is.

To create the relationships your heart yearns for with confidence and freedom.

To move out of the conditional force of the inner child that can drag us into feeling more of the same – again and again – and that weakens the confidence and security that is so necessary to hold when we are with men.

To discover how to choose and place clear boundaries with our courage and self-esteem. To get to know this courage and self-esteem as arising when we fully see and ride our inner worlds with more and more ease.

We will enjoy all this and much more together in this adventure into creating relationships from our power and tenderness.


The group will be an online, virtual group meeting once a week initially, and little by little we will follow the needs of the group.

Our first group meeting is yet to be confirmed, but will be formed of participants each of whom have had an initial meeting with me (duration 2 hours).


Listen to Elisabeth's proposal and get in touch to arrange a first meeting.