You will know life, my brother,
after meeting the abyss

You will know love
after dancing on your sweat and blood

And after you’ve come to embrace, ecstatically,
the dark and light of you
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Then, my most beloved climber,
the breath of life will be in you
like a mother holding her new born in her arms

And you will be free.

Your gaze so weary after all these lives
will wonder wild and fresh like butterflies in spring

Your heart so drunken after old farewells
will shatter into a sea of tears of light

And then, your wild – sweetest of all –
will give birth to alchemy
and you will hear again the screams of ecstasy, like lovers do.

So take the forbidden path, beloved, unravelled in tears, in rage.

And kiss-by-kiss you shall live when others long ago have died.

Beloved man,

I would love to accompany your heart on its path to feel confidently again.
To let the passion in your veins flow free and true, till you come to know once more your first reflection.
And here, as if by magic, reconnecting with your Father, Lover, Warrior and Seer, drumming them all in service of both life and all you love.

Intimacy and freedom are yours to walk and thrive in.
It is time to leave those old fears that came to live in your head and that daily halt you in being the greatness you are.
Let them come to rest.

Shiva Shakti Barcelona

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