Shiva Shakti

This is a time and space to deepen into receiving the ancient/ future transmission of the deep feminine – a transmission that is nested deep down in our wombs, in our uterus, in our moments of remembering, in our non-rational, intuitive, flowing, magical field – the one that we dare to enter when we feel grounded and safe enough.

If you have never danced before and would like to find out more – come and be gently introduced to this ancient dance form, and feel the magic field of all the other dancing Shaktis. There is a lot to be learned and received from other women’s dropping into their bodies’ remembering.
One of the beauties and pleasures of this dance, is that every woman’s dance is unique, and passes through various qualities and textures as she grows and changes back to her original shape. It is such a pleasure to be with each other as we trust our own flowing effortless bodies, allowing our cellular, energetic uncoiling from millennia of Slumber, allowing the flow to return us to our receptivity and receiving the knowing that is there for us to drink from.

After many years of following different traditions and forms of enquiry to come into deeper connection with Self and life, I feel this dance has been the breath and ground that I keep returning to and feel held by, as I open and learn to sustain the infinite with the finite in my everyday reality.

In gratitude and awe of the spiritual knowledge offered through this ancient sacred sensual movement,

***DVDs available***
Learn in the privacy of your home how to discover this dance, meditation, movement that leads us to feel ourselves from the inside out.

Re-connect with your strength, eroticism and tenderness, and thus listen to the reliable voice within you that returns you to your path and to your walk.


Shiva Shakti Barcelona

Shiva Shakti Caldetes


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