Awakening Woman – Greece

We are offering you an unforgettable journey to your wildest dreams; to the woman that lives within you when nobody is watching; to the dancer; to the singer; to the erotic being; to the intuitive woman that sees herself and others in a fountain of abundance.

Yes… all of that, which you know deep within is at the reach of your hand once you look behind the curtain that is blinding you. We invite you to join us on this passionate journey in beautiful Crete through a series of six weekends (March 2020 to January 2021) followed by a week long retreat at the end (May 2021).

We will support you to open those rusty doors and dust those precious objects within you; to jump into your fullness of being and laugh like you have never laughed before.

To register for this course visit:
If you have questions or requests contact Daphne at:
On this journey we will travel with the four archetypes that are based on the elements within and without you: Earth, Fire, Water, Air.

Earth / Mother Archetype: Discriminating the pure archetype from the distorted, inherited archetype. The ‘Core Wound’ that obstructs and sabotages our potential. Understanding and caring for the Core Wound. The Practice of ‘Self Caring’. Nurturing, and holding all that has not been seen and loved within us. The emergence of the caring adult in our psyche.

Fire / Warrior Archetype: Discriminating her from distorted power. Moving towards our personal and collective meeting of the empowered feminine. Learning to make friends with our fire (anger, rage), as a pathway into our divine potency. Learning to place boundaries with heart. Taking our space, expanding and speaking our heart’s truth beyond blame of self/other, beyond persecutor, victim and absence. No apology.

Water/ Lover Archetype: Discriminating the love needs of the child from the longing for communion of the lover. Learning and reclaiming our capacity for receptivity as our doorway to feeling our energy body, taking us into deep intimacy, erotic presence and communion... all Feminine gifts. Cleansing our toxic cellular sexual memory. Reclaiming our leadership of the heart. Being the queen of the boudoir, within and without.

Air / Shamana Archetype: Reclaiming the moon within, returning to the power of our blood and learning to read our cyclical nature as a way into divine feminine spirituality. Our capacity to live in the unknown, our simple and ordinary women’s way of connection with Source and feeling the cosmos within. Conducting energy. Resting in being as choice. Developing a choice of practices that keeps us re-choosing a native consciousness attuned with the natural world. Receiving and giving guidance through our intimacy with birth/death cycles.

Final Retreat: A time to bring all this together and to learn how to live and share it in your day to day life. Participation info: As mentioned above the programme includes 6 long weekends (Fri till Sun - you can find the dates and times for these below) and one final week long retreat that will take place in May 2021.

Introduction: Fri 20 Mar - Sun 22 Mar 2020
Mother archetype: Fri 1 May - Sun 3 May 2020
Warrior archetype: Fri 5 Jun - Sun 7 Jun 2020
Lover archetype: Fri 18 Sep - Sun 20 Sep 2020
Shamana archetype: Fri 30 Oct - Sun 1 Nov 2020
Whole Woman archetype: Fri 15 Jan - Sun 17 Jan 2021
Retreat: May 2021 (exact dates TBC)

The location for the 6 weekend meetings will be at Φ Space in Chania

The location for the retreat (which will sure be idyllic) and the exact dates will be announced soon.

The first weekend meeting out of the 6 is for introduction and getting to know the facilitators. Participation is necessary if you wish to take part in this programme yet you are not obliged to continue if you do not wish to. However if you do decide to continue you have to participate and pay for the whole programme.

Cost and payment plan:
The cost of each of the 6 meetings (Friday till Sunday) includes three meals (Saturday lunch and dinner and Sunday lunch) and is as follows:
Registration* by 21 / 12 / 2019: €275
Registration* by 2 / 2 / 2020: €300
Registration* thereafter: €325

The cost of the final 7 day retreat includes accommodation and three daily meals and is as follows: Registration* by 21 / 12 / 2019: €1150
Registration* by 2 / 2 / 2020: €1250
Registration* thereafter: €1350

Hence the total cost for the programme is:
Registration* by 21 / 12 / 2019: 6x€275 + €1150 = €2800.
Payment plan ** €280 (deposit) + 9x€280

Registration* by 2 / 2 / 2020: 6x€300 + €1250 = €3050.
Payment plan** €305 (deposit) + 9x€305

Registration* thereafter: 6x€325 + €1350 = €3300.
Payment plan** €330 (deposit) + 9x€330

**After the receipt of your deposit fee (paid upon registration) assuming you are carrying on with the programme you will pay the rest of the cost in 9 installments:
1st installment: By 30 March 2020
2nd: By 30 May 2020
3rd: By 30 June 2020
4th: By 30 July 2020
5th: By 30 October 2020
6th: By 30 November 2020
7th: By 28 February 2021
8th: By 30 March 2021
9th: By 30 April 2021

It is possible to arrange a different payment plan with prior agreement. For further information contact

* Register by paying the full amount of the deposit that corresponds to your registration dates (as stated above).

About the facilitators:

Elisabeth Serra (Main Facilitator) was born and grew up in Barcelona, Spain. As a young woman she spent ten years in India, immersing herself initially in the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, and then following her own path of self-discovery, encountering a variety of forms and paths that continue to support her in her own homecoming. She held a private psychotherapeutic practice in England for two decades, during which time she also graduated with an M.A. in Psychosynthesis psychotherapy. Alongside her former partner, Mark Josephs, she co-founded a movement called Social Alchemy and, for another two decades, offered diverse programmes in Europe and the USA to help awaken our remembrance of our essential nature and innate knowing, while learning how to manage all that diverts us from that remembering – so that we can thrive in intimacy with others, and with our surroundings. She is a practitioner and teacher of an ancient women’s tantric dance-meditation called ´Shiva Shakti´, designed to awaken and embody the different faces of the feminine, and return us to our ecstatic, essential nature. Her love for dance, music and theatre has not only inspired her throughout her personal development but has become the breathing ground of all the different aspects of her ‘work’, her offerings… For more information about Elisabeth's offerings and other resources visit her website

Daphne Kourkounaki (program organiser, assistant facilitator, program translator) was born and grew up in Crete, Greece. At 18 years old she moved to England where she obtained a Masters' degree in Electrical Engineering followed by a postgraduate Masters' in Environmental and Energy Studies. Initially she worked as an engineer and later as a sustainability consultant. Soon she concluded that we can't be talking about creating a sustainable future for humanity if we are not engaging in the awakening of our Soul. She dedicated the next ten years of her life to her own soul awakening. Along the way she worked with Elisabeth Serra who facilitated her journey of deep Self discovery and the reclaiming and sharing of her authentic feminine essence. She works as a Life Coach, Astrologer and she practices and teaches the ancient Tantric dance-meditation called Shiva Shakti. Her passion is to support men and women in the discovery and following of their deepest truth and in the development and application of their innate creativity.

Next meetings

Introduction: 20-22 Mar 2020
Mother archetype: 1-3 May 2020
Warrior archetype: 5-7 Jun 2020
Lover archetype: 18-20 Sep 2020
Shamana archetype: 30-1 Nov 2020
Whole Woman archetype: 15-17 Jan 2021
Retreat: May 2021 (exact dates TBC)

Phi Space, Greece

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