Are we addicted to follow our thoughts?

Beneath the screen of our mind rests that which we are longing for.

Looking into the screen in an open and compassionate way, we see its incessant search for identity, attaching itself to endless objects, people and events, scanning through memory in a desperate attempt to be something or someone.

A large portion of our life is driven by this impulse to find self, to know who we are and how we are to live our lives.

And yet this impulse that is woven into the fabric of our being causes us to be blinded and miss the very thing we are looking for.

The nature of our true self is not in the external perceived reality but in the one still point that perceives it. Too simple for our learned and agitated mind that insists in its outer search.

There is a gestating choice within us all, and when the times comes, gradually or suddenly, the imposter mind gets exposed and seen for what it is. A gentle deep smile broaches the moment, again and again, as we come to see the timeless spacious nature of who we are and who we have been all along.

I love this quote of Romana Maharishi that says:

“What we are looking for is where we are looking from.”

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