The Warrior

It is the Warrior in us who stands up for truth; she serves the highest good, she serves love. She can be very fierce, especially on the behaviour of those she loves on behalf of the little girl within. She draws the boundaries; she knows how to say yes and how to say no, and she knows which is appropriate.

It is the Warrior in you that can carry a plan through. She can keep her commitments - even the tiny ones – as she knows they serve the bigger commitments. All of it is important.
She chooses her battles and meets her opponents with integrity; by connecting to source, she meets them in a deeply rooted place. She can meet her anger and rage, feel it fully down to its core, and still act from this rooted place.

Can you feel her strength, her determination, her willingness to serve truth, and her willingness to know what truth is no matter what? Can you feel her will to protect the vulnerability of the little girl?

The Warrior part of us is willing to face her fear, and her terror. She has courage, which is not to be fearless but to feel our fear.

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