The Lover

The South is the garden of delight of the beloved. And the Lover is she who loves to play, to dance, to make a mess. She is sensual, and she is sexual; she is totally shameless. She loves the Earth, loves her body, music, art, making things and being creative. And she is juicy; she loves to laugh, to move her body, to touch and to be touched.

The Lover is willing to surrender to her heart. She knows the depth of her pain and the depth of her ecstasy. She is committed to compassion – the willingness to feel with the other, though she does not take on the other’s pain. She is willing to feel a whole range of emotion, and she honours her body’s needs.
It is the Lover in us who longs for deep communion with another, be it nature, animal or another person. It is the passion of the Lover that guides the spiritual journey, and it is her longing that leads the way on the journey.

And it is the Lover in us who also loves earrings, fancy clothes, velvety things… and she who loves beauty in all things – she sees it everywhere. She loves her space to be beautiful and she is willing to see her own beauty.

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