The Lover is the garden of the delights of the feminine mandala. She is sensual, sexual completely shameless. She loves the earth, she loves her body, she loves beauty that sees her everywhere and knows how to see beauty in herself.
She likes to move her body, touch and be touched, laugh and tangle. The Lover in us is the one who is willing to feel a whole range of emotions. She knows the depth of pain and ecstasy. He is committed to the compassion of having the will to feel with others, without taking the pain of others as his own.
It is the Lover in us who longs for deep communion with the other, be it nature, animals or another person. It is the passion of the Lover that describes the spiritual path, and it is the longing that leads the way on this journey of being a woman.

This reconnection with the energy of the LOVER opens us to intimacy with ourselves,
to live from pleasure, in the erotic, and to be able to demonstrate your delicious vulnerability not as weakness but as openness to love and deep feeling.

Date: July 28

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