I was born and grew up in Barcelona. I have travelled a lot, and lived in many different countries. I am a mother, a dancer, and have engaged in various theatrical pieces with others, and also as a solo artist. My passion is for living together as the creators we are.

My loving connection with the wild, the irrational and all that is earthy, intuitive, and body and heart-led, has been my great guide. I am touched by the poetry that emerges when we ‘walk into life’, and learn to be conscious creators and lovers of life – open to the great mystery that underpins all of our human experience. I have been known for being a namer of the unnameable, and a bringer of acceptance to the unaccepted.
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As a young woman I spent ten years in India, immersing myself initially in the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, and then following my own path of self-discovery, encountering a variety of forms and paths that continue to support me in my own homecoming.

I held a private psychotherapeutic practice in England for two decades, during which time I also graduated with an M.A. in Psychosynthesis psychotherapy.

Alongside my former partner, Mark Josephs, I co-founded a movement called Social Alchemy and, for another two decades, offered diverse programmes in Europe and the USA to help awaken our remembrance of our essential nature and innate knowing, while learning how to manage all that diverts us from that remembering – so that we can thrive in intimacy with others, and with our surroundings.

I am a practitioner and teacher of an ancient women’s tantric dance-meditation called ´Shiva Shakti´, designed to awaken and embody the different faces of the feminine, and return us to our ecstatic, essential nature.

My love for dance, music and theatre has not only inspired me throughout my personal development but has become the breathing ground of all the different aspects of my ‘work’, my offerings…

I am passionate about the re-empowerment of women and men. I see my self as a ‘bridger of opposites’, accompanying others in their re-discovery of the profundity of their being – so that they can bring their unique gifts to this hungry world.

Elisabeth Serra